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YouNow goes beyond the live stream now!

YouNow- a popular startup name at the present world!  It is a live broadcasting platform where you can make a live video or watch channels produced by others. You can enjoy watching hundreds of live videos on YouNow without signing in an account.

Recent news indicates that, the live streaming startup lets you stream yourself now. But with more than 150,000 live streams per day, you can never be sure that you didn’t miss a funny moment when you were outside. YouNow has added a new update that lets you seamlessly share your favorite moments.

According to YouNow founder and CEO Adi Sideman, nobody watches live stream archives.

The reason behind this is your excitement! Watching something live makes a lot of sense to you can interact with the streamer. It is also true that, you also feel some special connection that only happens during live streaming. But when you’re about to watch something that already happened, the excitement gets down and you do not get further interest to re-watch it.

For example, watching the NBA finals live is exciting as you don’t know what’s going to happen next. But you wouldn’t record the match and watch it later, unless you’re a great fan of a specific player in it. It’s the same in case of YouNow.

For reducing this problem, the YouNow team has come to a conclusion with an interesting solution.


First, whenever you’re watching a stream on your phone, you can share up to 15 seconds of it by just holding your finger on the screen to start sharing.

Clips look like this:

ShareMoment_MerrellTwins (1)

Soon, YouNow clips will pop up on Facebook or Twitter and create further better service.

Second, it’s a great way to crowdsource live stream compilations. It could improve content discovery as YouNow users will be able to see if a streamer is a good singer or dancer or provides good suggestions.

Finally, using the YouNow clips, viewers will be able to build up a profile without firing up the webcam.

Now it has become easier for the YouNow users to build up an interesting library of colourful moments.