The world we dreamt, and the world we made

Not so old, was the time when humans dreamt of Robots, with intelligence proportionally similar to their own and artificial beings with the same aesthetic scope and knowledge as them. In days when shows like Star Trek and Doctor Who ruled the television and awed viewers with their unique ideas. Since the start of 20th century, mankind has strived for better technology, efficient means of growth, transport, education and science is now a key-player.

Ever since the advent of microchips, the world has encountered countless changes. As the clock turns its dials on the face of mankind, we enter a new age if mechanical genius, THE PROSTHETIC ORGAN!

Throughout time, mankind has been inconsistent in terms of science, as religion is already given to you, it is easy to adopt, and all you have to do is to follow. Whereas science, is hard, it takes will as well as brains, and of course, not many sail this ship.

Science was never favorite for humans. But unfortunately, war, never was second to any option. Perhaps it is human nature to destroy, as all things must be destroyed for new leaves to grow. But what about the half-cut trees, those roots, that nevertheless are damaged and plagued, still endured.

For generations, men, women and children have suffered, losses of both mental and physical capacity, never to be loved are those who lost their face, and never to work are those who lost their hands in wars. “War brings no joy”. For in peace, sons bury their fathers, and in war, fathers bury their sons.

“There is no winning side in war, only those who are alive and those who are not”

In dark times, it is science that has made lives matter once again, for arms, have been made whole, and life has been breathed into the chests of men

1. Heart made from stem cells!bioengineered-hearts-1

There have been countless long-term researches on prosthetic links and organs, and finally, science has done it.  A fully functional human heart, which prolongs the user’s life by five years, made from stem cells of the person himself. The heart is grown in test tubes and is available for use within a few months.

The heart is grown in test tubes and is ready function within a few months.

The key advantages of this grown-heart is that unlike a donated organ, the heart has the same stem cells and DNA as the person himself, hence the organ is readily accepted by the body.

2. Bionic Eye


Similar to the test tube heart, scientists have managed to produce a bionic eye, which uses a silicon based nerve, which attaches itself to the core retinal wires of the brain. The artificial lens is water and dust-proof. Although not very common, this device is being considered by mainstream oncologists.


3. Cyborg Arm

prosthetic arm

The latest breakthrough in this technology is, however, the cyborg arm, created by KONAMI, which is not only able to turn in all directions ad a normal human arm, but can also feel the difference between hot and cold, soft and hard, with the help of programmed sensors installed in it. It is durable beyond measures.

Such miracles are brought to us by science. With time, hopefully, we’ll conquer all of our fears, the old and the new.