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Username helps you to find your business

A new feature ‘Page username’ has been attached in the forefront. It makes easier for people to identify and contact business as they want to connect. One can set and edit the ‘Page username’. You can see your page title below the page with an @ symbol.

For example: @Jasper’s Market.


People interested in specific kind of business can easily find out their required business via facebook through the use of ‘Page Username’. Each username is unique; they also help people to identify your exact business whether or not it is a relatively common name.

You can see the usernames directly on your page. Pages not having a username will provide you an option to select username by your choice.

Messaging a business directly is a very convenient way for people. They can easily know answers of their questions related products and services, appointments, customer service and many more. In addition with this, it builds up strong customer relationship.