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The Wish App

There is a popular mobile app called Wish. It’s slogan goes’ shopping made fun’. This app has been around for quite a few years and individual merchants can create a merchant store and sell their products on the app. More than 30 million people have used the app and enjoyed purchasing products on the app.  Wish sells various categories of products like health and beauty, home and garden, clothing and accessories, miscellaneous items, and many more. Their selection of merchandise is very wide and you can find what you are looking for. They always seem to have the most trends available and popular items. The best category on Wish is the electronics section.

You can find all of the hottest gear like the Fitbit, Smartwatch, and they even have laptops, tablets, and phones.  Amongst the exciting categories, the best feature is the price. The prices on items range from just $1 to $100 depending on the product.  The prices are the best on the market and the customer have yet to find out why the merchants can afford to charge really low prices on the items that seem to sell higher in stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and even online markets like EBay and Amazon.


The app’s software is very user friendly and you can navigate very easily through the products and see descriptions easily as well as customer reviews.  The checkout process is a breeze as well you can choose what sizes to order, quantity, and color. The app lets you pay with any major credit or debit card and provides you with awesome discounts and promos. A popular payment method that Wish uses is a very widespread payment app named PayPal that you can use for easy pay and makes checking out items easier without disclosing card or personal information.

The Wish App

The Wish app is available for download on these popular mobile apps: Google playstore, Amazon Appstore, Itunes appstore, and even Microsoft appstore. A great bonus that Wish adds is that upon signing up for an account you get a free item from a list to choose from and you only pay shipping which ranges from $1-$2. There are very many pros to Wish but theres only one con: shipping. Shipping can take anywhere from a week to up to a month just to get your items. Also, the items you receive are all sent to you separately and because the merchants send items to you directly and the shipping isn’t fulfilled by Wish itself. Other than the cons the app has a bright future ahead with no signs of slowing down.