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SyntaxDB — a Search Engine For Programmers

Every programmer wants to achieve success in his own way and for that purpose; he has to perform various actions like getting expert at the syntax of a particular language. Syntax is a basic form of protocol for a programmer as a beginner has to face a lot of troubles while entering the new world of programming, but when he gets to know all the stuff, he becomes better and flexible. Thus, he becomes more efficient in the manner of time. So, SyntaxDB arrives for those who are in need of Google search engine whenever they are getting stuck in syntax. Syntax queries help you showing really beneficial results with their details and documentation. At present, SyntaxDB is compatible with nine programming languages (e.g. C, Python, C#, C++ Java, Ruby, Swift, JavaScript and Go) which are quite popular among the developer pool.

So Google and Stack Overflow are already very famous for beginner level programmers. Looking for something specific is quite regular in web for a good programmer and usually the habit occupies more space with time. Google is great at its task, but to make definite things easier for various kinds of programmers, SyntaxDB was created by Anthony Nguyen, who is a software developer from Queen’s University.

The homepage is really simple to understand. Just place a query you need an answer to. You will also get related suggestions from which you can choose one. Suppose you need the for loop in C, you will also get suggestions such as for loop in C++ or for loop in C#. You can simply look for the for loop in C only or you can travel more in the website in order to expand the idea of the syntax of programming languages. Basically, these are all very easy but they were not organized before. But SyntaxDB made it trouble-free now.

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