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Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts of Mark Zuckerberg got hacked!

The most popular person who runs the biggest social network and continuously adds new security measures for its users could not himself secure his own online accounts although providing strong privacy.

He is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive Officer of the mostly used social site all over the world, Facebook! All the news channels and media has covered that, his own Social networking accounts in Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn got hacked by hackers.

How they got hacked?

OurMine Team, a teenage hacker group team of Saudi Arabia with 41,000 followers on Twitter claimed to access Zuckerberg’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram account.

The hackers tweeted that they found Zuck’s account credentials in the recent LinkedIn data breach. This is how they collected SHA1-hashed password string, broke it and tried it on several social connecting accounts.The more surprising fact is that, “dadada” was Zuckerberg’s LinkedIn password. He used this password in many of his other online accounts.
The hackers also claimed that Zuckerberg’s Facebook owned Instagram account has also been hacked but, Facebook denies it by saying:

“No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “The affected accounts have been re-secured.”


What Security does the Pinterest &Twitter provide you?


Twitter has recently added some security measures this year after the incident    that happened with Zuckerberg.

It supports two-factor authentication, ensures that anyone trying to log I must have to access to the phone number of the person whose account they are trying to log in.


It does not even have a security feature.

So, it has become an important issue to keep our privacy maintained. Such shocking news creates awareness to general users to protect their accounts by changing their LinkedIn password immediately as well as others having same password and e-mail ID.


Necessary measures for online account users:

  • Reusing of Passwords should be avoided.
  • A strong password must be provided.
  • Separate E-mail ID should be used for several online social networking sites.

There are so many people surrounding the world who do not have any idea about proper privacy steps. Nobody in this world would like to get embarrassed via social media. Thus, it is our duty to make others conscious about this matter.