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Why do you need to switch your smartphone to airplane mode during flight?

We often keep travelling by air. During our flight, we are asked by the flight attendants to keep our smartphones switched off or set in airplane mode until landing. The crew of the flight give us proper instructions us to do so. They also check whether it is followed or not and further warn if find out anyone’s phone switched on.

But, did we ever think why do we need to switch our smartphones to airplane mode during flight? Did we ever imagine what will happen if we keep our phones switched on up in the air?

why you need to turn on airplane mode during flight

Generally, we think that, it can cause a kind of occasional disturbance and nothing more than that. Most of us do not find it necessary to switch to airplane mode during flight. Some feel that it achieves nothing as it doesn’t interfere with plane’s electrical and telecommunication systems and also feel that it will not lead to a crash.

Undoubtedly, we all know that it is a must to set the flight mode while flying but we never learnt the actual reason behind doing this.

why you need to turn on airplane mode during flight

Let’s know the truth behind this:

  1. When we go above 10,000 feet height in the air, our cell phone signal bounces off multiple towers and sends out a stronger signal. This might block the networks on the ground. But, a cell phone has never caused a plane crash.
  2. If we keep our phones switched on, it is sure that an unbearable sound will annoy the pilot. Strong radio emission (upto 8W) from smartphones causes this noise due to parasitic demodulation. It is rare but a serious problem that the crew may miss an important radio call from the air traffic control due to the repeated interferences from the mobile phones.
  3. When our smartphones rings, the noise is heard through the headsets of the pilot.why you need to turn on airplane mode during flight He further warns the passengers like this: “If 50 people do to switch their smartphones in a flight mode, it will cause a huge amount of ‘Radio Pollution’.”
  4. So why is Wi-Fi allowed? why you need to turn on airplane mode during flight Since, its emissions are around 100 times less powerful than that of some 3G radios, we can use the phone for the other functions and even Wi-Fi.


Although, the noise is a bit critical but it is annoying for the Pilot. Thus we need to follow the rules of plane for a safe travel.

why you need to turn on airplane mode during flight