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iPhone 7 Is Getting Rid of Its Home Button

iPhone 7 topic is already on the rise, so there is no necessity to describe the attractive features of the device. But you know, this is iPhone! So how can the leaks get stopped?

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman arrives here with approval saying that the latest Apple device will be working as a dual-camera setup. It will not possess any headphone jack as well.

Other than that the most thrilling information is Apple is going to fade away its home button which has already become old-fashioned.

In this case, Meizu has been doing a great job as it has all in one home button. Not only that, that button works as almost everything like fingerprint sensor, home and back buttons. A three button footstep is a giant step for Meizu as it has become so popular that it had the capability of beating Google.


The latest home button of iPhone is going to be touch-capacitive. Users do not need to press into it to any further extent. If truth be told, Bloomberg is covering that this button ought to permit for numerous heights of touch-sensitivity. Resembling the MacBook’s trackpad, this button is going to reportedly endow with response via a pulsating haptic sense.

This is certainly a very cool feature for the users. In addition, this is going to inaugurate the entrance for the piece of equipment to do further than just returning to the home screen or UI of the device.

Bloomberg reported that it will be working like the exact setup of Huawei P9, rather than the version of LG G5 at the same time as for that dual-lens shooter. While the second one used two cameras independently, the most updated flagship of Huawei utilized both cameras as a time. After that they are connected together in order to link up the shots in a digital manner for creating a new first class photo.

Huawei’s setup is a lot lighter than others. It also includes lively colors in digital format. I guess the new phone brining up by Apple is going to pull out the same strategy.

This phone is almost the same as iPhone 6. You are going to get a set of Bluetooth wireless headset for better music experience.