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Huawei Watch review

Huawei — pronounced “wah-way” is mainly popular for its stylish smartphones. It may not be the first brand which may come to your mind when you think of buying a branded Watch. But, after seeing its first smartwatch, your opinion will soon change.

The $350 Digital timepiece is simply known as Huawei Smartwatch. It is one of the smartest looking watches ever. This watch carries an IP67 rating.
Huawei has included extra features in it for its crowded marketing.


The AMOLED display is a 1.4-inch 400 x 400 with a ppi count of 286 that is, the highest resolution display of any Android Wrist watch. It is the first to feature sapphire crystal, which prevents from breaking. It is completely circular having a black bar at the bottom. You need to set the screen brightness manually.


Although the Huawei Watch is a smart watch it looks more like a traditional watch. It also feels so. It is mainly built with cold-forged stainless steel.
It is not too much heavy or too much light. It feels good in hand to carry and even better after wearing.

Huawei Watch

That round screen has a 400×400-pixel resolution (286 pixels per inch), which is higher than any other Android Wear ever made.
The most interesting fact is that there’s also 512MB of RAM, 4GB of space to store music and apps, and Wi-Fi onboard. So, you can get your smart phone in your smart watch!



  1. Its functionality is not that much updated compared to its design. This is the main fault for which a confusing operating system for Android Wear is found.
  2. It acts less than cutting-edge hardware
  3. Have feature lacking like
    • Higher-end smartwatch features,
    • Ambient light sensor
    • Continuous heart rate monitoring and
    • GPS tracking.
  4. Remember, you should not go in the pool with it.
  5. The crown located around two o’clock is just a button to light up the display or dim it, nothing else.
  6. The Huawei Watch is not a workout watch. It can track only the basic activities like steps, distance and calories burned.
  7. There’s also a gyroscope, an accelerometer and a barometer.



Huawei has completely focused on its beautiful design but it does not contain any special feature than other Android Watches.


How to use Wi-Fi in it?

You need to enter a password using your phone. To see Google Map you need to have your phone with you. But, to get notifications of mail and other online activities you need not have your phone beside you.

Battery life: Don’t forget your charger

You can enjoy A 300 mAh battery which will give a full two days of use even with an always-on display.


Size and options

The Huawei Watch is available in only one size which is 42 mm. It fits on the wrist of male easily some female may found it bigger than their wrist.


Huawei offers a leather strap, link bracelet and a mesh band.

The watch is available in three models:

  • Silver at $349
  • black at $449
  • rose gold-plated at $699



Other than the higher resolution display and sapphire crystal the watch does not differ from other Android watches. But, it is one of the most expensive and stylish watches ever made.