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Hackers can hack Facebook Messenger !

Facebook Messenger has been the mostly used social app used by nearly about 500 million users! Recently, Security researchers found that, our private messages sent through our Facebook Messenger can be read by potential hackers. They can do it by using a hacking backdoor in the app.  It is also found that such hacking is done to read our messages for personal gain or spy keep doing it for judgment in courts. It is still not known how many people have been affected by it and being embarrassed for different unavoidable situations among friends or in family.  Let me inform you how this has been done.

How Facebook messenger has been hacked?

  • Your Name and E-mail Address
  • Your Password (If it is weak)

Tricks you can use to protect yourself:

Follow the steps and be safe!

  1. Hide your E-mail Address!

Go to Edit Profile>Contact Information>Clicking on the icon beside your email address> checking ‘Only Me’.

  1. Keep your primary E-mail address secured


Go to Account Settings>Email> and change your primary email to the new one (known only to you).

  1. In Account Settings, check ‘Secure browsing’ and ‘Send me an email when a new computer or mobile device logs into this account’ and click Save.