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Facebook Messenger Has Got More Emojis Now!

There was a time when the Facebook messenger used to have limited emojis and those could be used for a few purposes. But the time has changed and also the collection of emojis and the fun has got a new level! Now you can look for emojis like pizza just by typing the name of it. And also if you would like to add cake with it, just add that one too!

So, emojis are getting popular day by day and the best thing is Facebook is bringing up more and more emojis that are designed with care to its messenger app. Apparently; 1500 new emojis were added by Facebook according to the report. Emojis with red hair, swimmer, different skin tones, unlike representations of men and women are available now.


Before in the present day, you could use emojis on Messenger, other than the software installed in your phone. So someone who is using an iPhone that is not available on Android could not see the appropriate emojis. But the new emojis work across both Android and iPhone.

Facebook claimed approximately 10% of all the texts on its messenger that is used by 900 million people each month, include emojis.