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Can You Get A Job In Facebook By Answering This Question?

Getting hired is not a simple task, especially in today’s age. Even if you get hired, may be you are not happy with your job. But getting hired by big companies like Google, Microsoft or Facebook is a totally different thing. Everyone is jealous of those employees who are working in these trendy companies. Working in a big company is not only about the status, but also the job security, payouts, insurances and satisfaction. On the other hand, getting a job in a company like Facebook is not everyone’s cup of tea. But here in this article, we are going to reveal how can you avail this great opportunity to work there, in Facebook!

Job searching is a monotonous and tiresome task that everyone has to go through. Even countries which are doing well with the economy struggles to provide jobs to everyone; especially the youth who need job the most. There are various websites who give you the opportunity to apply in their companies. You can upload your cover letter, CV or resume, portfolio (if you have any). But this is just the beginning. There will be so much more to go that you have to face in near future.


There will be thousands of applicants. Receiving the chance to join that particular company will be difficult for sure. So out of about one hundred applicants, a few will get calls to sit for the interview. Convincing the recruiters going to be a tough job if you do not know your expertise and skills.

Facebook has an extraordinary method of detecting if you are or not capable of getting a jobthere. They are going to ask you: “On your very best day at work – the day you come home and think you have the best job in the world – what did you do that day?” The answer to the question determines one’s passions and interests in life. The best reply is something that will go with the mission of Facebook and that to connect people.

This answer will help you, but it does not assure you to get the job.