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‘Bionic Leaf’: The New Source of Energy!

Water and sunlight are resources that are plentiful in Earth. So scientists have found a great way to get the most out of these resources. A recent study has been able to come across a great way to originate liquid fuel. Daniel Nocera, who is a researcher from Harvard had done his earlier researches on extending the idea of “bionic leaf”. This study has been developed further and it has been realized that a medium of applying solar power to divide water into hydrogen is possible and then it can be disposed of bacteria so that it can produce isopropyl alcohol.


According to the preceding research, a catalyst (nickel-molybdenum-zinc) has been used that later on, instigate reactive oxygen species. Moreover, this incident hit the bacteria. So, a cobalt-phosphorus catalyst can help in running this device more proficiently. This catalyst also has the power to heal itself.  More chemicals like isopentanol and isobutanol were created by the team using this alloy.