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9 Best android apps of 2016 you must try!

Looking for the best Android apps can be overwhelming sometimes. Whether you need a great music app or a new launcher to complement your phone’s features, there are tons of Android app out there. I’ve spent hours exploring the top Android apps for whatever purpose you need and put them together into one list. Following are a few the best Android apps of 2016. Have a look at my review and try them too.

1. MorecastMorecast-app

There are a bunch of weather apps apart from the built in apps in your smartphones.
Morecast is my favorite weather app because it has one of the exquisite interfaces, with a flawless design. Also it is one of the most unconventional apps which includes comparisons of weathers of two cities and accurate weather statistics for a specific route for a journey or a drive. And most of all its’s free!

2. Action Launcher 3


While using your phone looking at the same interface every time, a person get bored of it. The easiest way to let go of this feeling is to change the icons and customize the designs. There are Launchers, apps made solely for this purpose. It becomes so much fun once you try them. Action Launcher 3 is my favorite of them all. It provides vibrant and spontaneous interface. You can modify app icons, app drawer layout, and a new wallpaper to make your device fit a certain style or theme and it’s also free!

3. 7 Minute Workout


When it comes to health I don’t think there would be anyone who wouldn’t want to lose a few extra pounds. Whether it comes to reducing weight or improving your energy levels, the 7 Minute Workout app can be great kick off into Android- sponsored fitness and health.

The 7 Minute Workout is technically proven to help in weight loss and improve circulatory and cardio functions of the emphases on short but high intensity plan.This app is especially for those who are health conscious like me having gym membership, are workout freaks or run vigorously. Unlike other apps, 7 minute Workout has a simple interface. Just hit the button and exercise!

4. Avast


Keep your mobile safe with regular virus scan with the help of this top security app, Avast.

It is quite comprehensive which scans the mobile through your internal and external storage, browsing history and SD card.

5. Chrome beta

Chrome beta android app

Who doesn’t loves google chrome? I don’t think there would be many. Chrome Beta is the version of our favorite browser. Majority of us will be familiar with it because it comes preinstalled with many phones. I use chrome Beta because it’s just straight forward.

6. Google Play Music


You must be thinking why isn’t there Spotify or SoundCloud instead of Google Play Music in my list? Well Spotify provides a brilliant paid subscription service and SoundCloud has a horde of tracks readily accessible to stream, but you need third party apps to download tracks from SoundCloud. So, there can be no app as good as Google play when you want to download tracks directly.

7. Hulu


Hulu is a superb app for movie lovers. You can watch many movies and TV shows on this app. It’s free but isn’t ad free.A subscription fee is charged to get access all of the content,

but also there are a variety of many shows available without subscription fees like South Park, Family Guy etc.

8. Camera360


Camera360 Ultimate is surely the best camera apps ever. it includes so many features, comprising of more than 200 filters, NFC photo sharing and one-touch fixing tool is my favorite. The editing options are very easy to use which leads Camera 360 into the first choice for photographers.

9. Dasher


There are several noticeable competitors when we talk about ‘Best messaging app’ on Android like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. But Dasher is here to introduce something off the edge. Dasher leads the messenger world because of its extraordinary features which no other app offers; you can transfer money to contacts, exchange YouTube videos and GIFs with the app itself. Try it and get the excitement of messaging back!