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5 Essential Tips and Tricks for WhatsApp users

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is most popular mobile messaging service app on smartphone at the present world. It keeps on adding new features before we even realized!

Although Whatsapp is easy to use, but many of us do not know some tips and tricks while using it. We need to keep up to date so we need to have knowledge about them. Let us know some easy tips & tricks for a beginner!

1. Hiding Last seen, your Profile Pictures and Status:

For avoiding your private problems because of your last access to your whatsapp account, profile picture or updated status, Whatsapp has added a simple way to hide it. It will completely help you.

# How to hide it?

To disable “Last seen”, “Profile Picture” or “Status”

Go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Last seen. You can find an option to set with whom you want them to be seen like

  • Everyone
  • Contact
  • Nobody

Remember, once you select ‘Nobody’ you can’t see other’s last seen as well.


Check when a Message was read:

Whatsapp allows you to see the time of your delivered message and also the time of the message seen by the receiver.

# How to check it?

Press “Hold on a message”> Tap “Info”


Read Messages without others seeing the Blue Check Marks:

Blue ticks in a Whatsapp message indicate that you have read the message. So, seeing them, the sender would understand that, his or her message has been seen and will surely expect to get a reply.  But, it often happens with you that you are in a hurry and cannot answer them although being read. In such case, a misunderstanding between you and your dear one may take place. But, Whatsapp has given you an opportunity not to lose your bond with others by checking message without the appearance of Blue marks.

#How to read message avoiding Blue Ticks?

  • Don’t press the Alarm button and check the message immediately
  • Enable ‘Airplane Mode’ to stop your Internet connection.
  • Go to Settings>Account>Privacy.

Switch the Toggle off on “Read Recipients”


Backup your chat history:

There is a risk of losing your whole chat history while you lose your phone. But, Whatsapp allows you to backup your contacts and chat histories both automatically and manually,

#How to backup your chat history?

Go to Settings>Chat History>Chats Backup

  • If you are an Android users, select “Back Up”
  • If you are an iPhone users, select “Back Up Now”


Change your Number:

We often change our number while travelling to a new place. So, we need to change our Whatsapp number also. You will not even lose your contacts, chats or other important data.

How to change your Whatsapp Number?

Go to Settings? Account>Change Number>Enter your old Number>Enter the New Number you want to keep.


Whatsapp has been updating features to help the users find their best way to stay a safe user of it. You should try them as much as you can.